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Nano.Bio Services

  • Nano.Bio Agriculture Consultancy Service
    Nano.Bio organic agriculture Involves utilising mineralised micronutrients ,macronutrients and trace elements using special agriculture process which deploys organic byproducts like cow dung ,chicken dung, goat dung and other agricultural residues. The technologies deploys continuous application of

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    Nano.Bio Agriculture Consultancy Service

  • Nano.Bio Cattle Services
    The special Nano.bio feed method is advocated for feeding cattle The high nutrient sed to the cattle promotes high nutrition milk,which could very much helpful for a human being . The health of the animal improve substantially, when this Nano.bio methodology is followed for cattle. Note : Special

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    Nano.Bio Cattle Services

  • Nano.Bio Fish Services
    This special method is being offered to grow the fish by a nano.bio organic method ,since the food that is given & the technology para metres mentioned for producing fish is Distant different and superior than the conventional method. The quality of the fish that is produced will have very high

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    Nano.Bio Fish Services

  • Nano.Bio Prawn Growth & Development Services
    A special product offered as a functional feed consisting of enriched combinations of macro nutrients ,micronutrient and trace elements for healthy development of Prawn is offered: When the Prawn are Sed with Nano.bio method the quality of Prawn flesh improves substantially. The high nutrient make

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    Nano.Bio Prawn Growth & Development Services

Other Services

  • Aquaculture Consultancy Services
    We improve, guide the aqua culture farmers &producers in developing the quality aqua products with combination of various functional application services to aqua farmers& producers at their own pond help in creating Eco friendly aqua farm & pollution free. 1.Improving health condition of fish :

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    Aquaculture Consultancy Services

  • Wastewater Treatment Services
    Wastewater treatment focuses on mechanism and processes that taken to consider the wastewater discharged as a byproduct of industrial or commercial activities. After the execution of industrial wastewater treatment methods, the recycled waste water can be utilized within the environment in the form

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    Wastewater Treatment Services