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Nano.Bio Agriculture Consultancy Service

Nano.Bio organic agriculture Involves utilising mineralised micronutrients ,macronutrients and trace elements using special agriculture process which deploys organic byproducts like cow dung ,chicken dung, goat dung and other agricultural residues.

The technologies deploys continuous application of nutrients Rich organic products continuously to the root Zone for growing different variety of grains, fruits ,vegetables & complete range of root vegetables.

When this technology is adopted and crops are grown ,the nutrient content of all agriculture produce improves remarkable and gives rise to high nutrient product ,which increases the innate immunity of the human system .

The technology deploys combination of pesticides ,fungicides , bactericide and insecticide which are approved by agriculture departments globally ,but minimising the quality of usage for the agriculture produces.

The integrated microbial system in nano.bio technology application would neutralise the toxic effect of certain residual effects of fungicide, bactericide,weedicide & insecticide, Promoting better health for human beings who are consuming the same.

Business model:

Various agricultural fields are given nano.bio technology and by strict process control Nano .bio fruits,Nano.bio vegetables, complete Nano.bio grains are grown.

The product are source directly from the farm and supply to wholesale distributors ,retail distributors ,hostels ,hospitals and to importers of different countries.

The complete agriculture produces are given the origin label which clearly states the place where the agricultural had been produced,this ensures that Nano.bio fruits and vegetables are completely free from virus, bacteria, fungal and insect contamination.

The safety packing method and safety transportation the system take into consideration ensures high-quality product to the consumers.

Note : For utilization of services ,Please get in touch for more queries/ project implementation.

Key Features:

  • Emerging procedure for all agriculture crops involves efficient utilisation of agriculture waste  which are generated in the fields ,In addition the animal waste like cow dung chicken dung find useful application
  • The process involves mixing the agriculture waste with the special consortium of efficient microbial cultures ,which mineralises the organ matter into inorganic ions. Which take active part in increasing agriculture productivity.
  • The consortium ensures that the plant acquires systematic induce resistance and attains the ability to resist bacterial attack ,fungal attack and to a large extent even pest attack.
  • All agriculture produces which undergo Nano Bio treatment would be filled with high nutrition .the high nutrition produces several important food for human consumption.
  • The cost involved for producing the all types of crops, equal the amount spent by the farmer , by deploying conventional method .The yield of all types of crops would be minimum 20% higher than the yield obtained by growing the crop by conventional methods. The soil which is used for growing the crops become enriched with higher quantity of nutrition required to support and  help the plant growth ,the carbon contain would also increase  substantially ,which would be confirmed by soil analysis.
  • The technology comes in the cost-effective manner to the Farmer and at the same time increase the viability for the farmer to carry out the agriculture.
  • Large areas of land can be Nano Bio effectively cultivated using the technology to produce substantially and significant results all type of trees can be grown by following nano by your methods resulting in higher profitability.
  • The agricultural system becomes highly feasible and provide the opportunities to be used even for dip irrigation and fertigation  systems.The technology can  optimise water usage for growing all types of agriculture crops.

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